Share the things you hate.

The I Hate Story...

We believe that you can connect and bond with people not only through liking similar things, but also through disliking certain things. And so, we made I Hate with the intention to connect people together in a fun way.

I Hate makes it easy to express yourself; post a text or GIF, whether publicly or anonymously, add a comment and join the discussion, discover and unlock awesome achievements, participate in fun contests and events, and more...

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I Hate is a fun place to express yourself by sharing what you hate, and discovering what other people rant about. Whether it's your rival team, Mondays, or the flat-earthers, I Hate is the right place to connect with people who hate the same thing.

I Hate App screen shots

Enjoy the beautiful user-friendly interface of the app. To make life easier for all the haters. *wink*